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About Us

The Institute was established to study how technology is revolutionizing the delivery of legal and law-related services, creating both opportunities and challenges for lawyers and other legal professionals. The Institute offers programs, courses, public lectures, and other information designed to educate students, the legal industry, and the public about technology’s transformation of the practice of law and the delivery of legal services.  The Institute is governed by an advisory board of legal industry leaders and is co-chaired by Jordan Furlong and Marc Lauritsen.

About the Director

Professor Andrew Perlman

Professor Perlman has been interested in technology since he learned basic computer programming on his beloved Commodore 64 as a child.  Today, Professor Perlman blogs, has an active presence on many forms of social media, and uses an audience response system in his civil procedure class.  Recently, he applied for — and won — an opportunity to be an early adopter of Google Glass, an exciting new wearable technology.  Professor Perlman hopes to come up with innovative ways to use Glass in the classroom and in practice.

His interest in technology also has informed his scholarship, such as his work on the legal ethics issues associated with metadata, and his work as the Chief Reporter of the American Bar Association Commission on Ethics 20/20, which successfully proposed numerous amendments to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct and related ABA policies in light of changes in technology and the increasing globalization of the legal profession.   Long gone are the days of the Commodore 64, but Professor Perlman’s love of technology and his interest in how it affects us will guide the Institute’s future.



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